About us

The company TZAMALAS BROS LTD, ELFA GREEK FOOD, produces high quality frozen ready meals, in individual portions and foodservice-catering. The meals are based on recipes from the traditional Greek cuisine, according to the standards of the Mediterranean diet.

It is is located at Romeiko near the town of Livadia. The manufacturing unit - factory of 1100 sqm is built on a private land of 8000 sqm. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, with a production capacity of 5000 servings per 8 hours, modern production facilities with automatic standardization row, and storage areas for receiving and delivering goods, dry, fresh and frozen cargo, in accordance with the requirements of an ISO 22000:2005 certification system concerning the product health and safety. Moreover, a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 is implemented.

  • Blast Chiller technology, where food is cooled to near
    0 ° C and then freezed to -18 °C in the rapid freezing chambers, ensures that food is completely free of any microbial load and ready to appear on the table tasty, healthy and fresh as if cooked at that time.
  • Our selected and experienced staff, people with a great product knowledge and responsibility towards the customer, always choose high quality raw materials, and by applying strict quality and specifications standards in the raw materials preparation process and production, ensure quality, taste and flavor in all our recipes.
  • The company has the capacity to meet the needs of domestic market and also of markets abroad, both in production volume and diversity of foodservice markets, providing catering packs of 2500 grams, individual portions of 400 grams for professional use, and brand name standardized products, such as individual portions of 400 grams for retail markets, mini and super markets. It is also possible to provide private label products for the whole product range.

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We care for our customers and partners as we care for our family, that’s why we believe that only the best deserves to be on your table. We want to be a partner who provides quality, reliable and economic solutions to the professional.